About CYTE and the CCTV World

This day and age CCTV distributors are now everywhere, competing product for product against them eventually will not be worth it.  If you think about it, anyone can now buy Surveillance products online as easy as buying groceries but, people that have a business relationship with CYTE know that they do things differently for a reason.

In general, the surveillance market has been flooded with so much product that now it’s difficult to know what is what anymore.  Major Distributors can only focus on one thing, SELL SELL SELL They even go to extremes by taking thousands of dollars from their profits to hire inexperienced sales people to harass you in person, over the phone, stuff your mailboxes and spam the living daylights out of your e-mails. All of this just to meet mandatory sales quotas.  We all heard of the employees of a well-known Bank in 2016 that created accounts without the customer’s consent.  Mandatory Sales quotas and extreme marketing are not in the customer’s best interest, it’s for the company selling the products and no one else.

Now, you don’t have to be an economics major to understand who ends up paying for all this but the answer is, the person that buys the products, You!.  If you put this into perspective, your hard-earned money is being used to pay people you don’t know to promote their products to people that you also don’t know!!

What is CYTE Inc.?

CYTE is a Company dedicated and focused on assisting its partners by offering them the best solutions and support for their video surveillance needs. CYTE only sells its products to professionals which is not easy, professionals typically have been doing installs for years and have a general feel of what’s good or bad plus, they have a reputation they have to maintain with their customers. CYTE’s general focus is to supply them with proven technology and give them the one-on-one support they need when they need it.

Why CYTE Products? What makes them different from the rest?

In the technology world, there are countless engineers working hard every day to create the “next big thing” that will get them or their company into the spotlight.  With all these new things coming into the market daily, how will you know what to sell to your customers without asking these questions?

Will it work per specs?

How long will it work?

What happens if it goes obsolete?

What if I need help understanding it?

Will I be able to teach my customer how to use it?

Will it have updates to work on newer Computers and Smartphones later?

We all know that even multi million dollar manufacturing companies have been rolling out products so fast that they sometimes must overlook quality to meet production goals. They don’t have the time to fully test their products in mass scale because they have deadlines.

Do you really want to sell a product to your customers without knowing what will happen?

There are numerous other things going thru your mind when running a business that thinking of these important product issues can make your daily life difficult.  This is what makes CYTE and their products different, CYTE takes the risk and guess work out of your equation. They do this by constant research, product testing, controlled sales and listening closely to customer feedback, that is the key. Since CYTE orders so much merchandise, overseas manufactures are willing to design products for CYTE that work seamlessly with other products in the market thus, creating a trouble free integration across the board.

What makes CYTE Support Different from the rest?


Customers that have known CYTE for years will tell you. The guys have been trouble shooting stuff for years and are 100% focused on helping their customers make a good impression to the end-users.  No one can hide from it, technology keeps changing and even CYTE techs have to learn new things on a daily basis. Keeping up with these changes is getting more and more difficult so we help you with that overgrowing burden. We gather gossip, info, and real-life results from our everyday calls and use that to make your job easier.  It’s as if you hired an experienced technician that works with you thru your daily work without you having to worry about top dollar salaries or them stealing your customers if they go rogue. In a nut shell, the one-on-one relationship CYTE has with its customers has been the critical key to its continued success.  Also, you will notice over time, CYTE has no sales guys or commission based arrangements with ridiculous sales quotas, they only have techs. They learned that the only way you can answer customer question quickly is if a technician takes the call. When you need something, you will talk or chat with a tech which saves you time and headaches.  CYTE techs have gone as far as to do turnkey presentations with the end-user present to ensure that any difficult questions get answered quickly while enhancing the installers status with his customer.

Who are CYTE Techs?

They are technicians that have either worked in manufacturing, on the field or interns that want to see firsthand the evolution of technology. They do what they do because they love doing it and want to have fun doing it. CYTE has proudly created a great working environment to maintain its workforce. The same workforce that has demonstrated compassion for what they do year after year. They are the heart of the company and they are full of heart as well.

CYTE would like to welcome you to the Club….